Monday, January 16, 2006

Bwahahaha! *snerk*

People need to stop taking themselves so bloody seriously.

That goes double for you, you Christians, yes, you!

Because this is funny.

Also? This is funny, but I would have phrased it as "Complaining makes the Baby Jesus cry."

This is thought-provoking, and you can put whatever denomination floats your boat in place of Catholic. As my vows as a nun are between me, God, and the Blogger Terms of Service, I didn't bother with the perfect chastity clause. Sure, I'm chaste according to my very single status, but hey, if God wants to send me a partner, I wouldn't be adverse... Anyway, even as a single woman wandering about, I can be an example to young people in the church by leading a holy life. And that doesn't just mean being Yoof Group Director. Talk to the kids in the congo, especially the ones who don't dress like perfect little ladies and gentlemen. Invite them to retreats and quiet days and even the evening Rosary program that you think they may not be in to. The statistics are showing that the kids today are reacting to the fluffy bunny free-form worship of the 70s and 80s and that abomination known as postmodernisim by returning to more traditional, liturgical, tangible things.

Wow, that got preachy for a joke post.


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