Monday, January 09, 2006

Why do Epiphany Processions make me cry?

A Certain Church is very small, maybe a total of 45 people for a service, including the choir and the altar servers. The population was practically double that on Sunday, though, because not only did we have a baptisim, we had the Sunday School Epiphany Procession.

If anyone's scrolling through here who's never seen one, that's where you have a Mary and a Joseph and a baby doll Jesus, and three (or more) kids dressed up like the Wise Guys Men who bring up representations of the three gifts (Melichor carried the thurible).

And I cried. They were so cute!

Before you get the wrong idea, your o'b't Sr. does not cry at silly things. Okay, well, I used to not cry at silly things, I used to be able to count the amount of time since I last cried in years. Now, well, the last time I had a heart-wrenching sob was in October, and it was when a character died in the movie Serenity.f

*ahem* Anyway, in other news, I am in love with The Book of Daniel. Most Christian blogs and boards are not, because they think there were too many problems. Most non-Christian blogs and boards who liked it thought that he had the right number of problems and that it reflected Real Life. I have to go with the latter opinion here. Anyone who is expecting a prime time network comedic drama to give solid, orthodox Christian teachings really needs to reexamine the culture we live in and the way that television shows earn revenue. And everyone who's getting all het up about him being called 'Reverend Daniel' and his chasibule being on backwards needs to GET OVER IT!

I fear the show is not long for this world, though, even with all the good buzz. Because in the show, the only one of Fr. Daniel's kids who he has a loving, normal relationship with is the gay son. We All Know that a priest/pastor who has a gay child needs to be tormented by it, and that child needs to be the wild and promiscuous one. Not a well dressed medical student whose father hugs him and whose mother says his last boyfriend was all wrong for him and she can't wait for him to meet a new, good boy. The Religious Self-Righteous can't stand for that image to get into the American conciousness. When it becomes accepted, they can't use it as a fear tactic, and they use those fear tactics to raise money.


At 10 January, 2006, Anonymous Adam said...

Been lurking on your blog for a while, just wanted to say Hi and I appreciate what you have to say.

It amazes me how the the Religious Right continues to fear monger and get away with it. What is it with "christians" in this country? I don't mean to get all judgemental and self righteous BUT COME ON AMERICA! WAKE UP!

Peace and Joy...



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