Friday, January 06, 2006

Or better still just don't install/ The idiotic thing at all!

If anyone comments with the source of the subject line, they get a cookie! (No fair resorting to Google).

If you haven't heard about The Book of Daniel (NBC 9pm PST), you probably don't have a TV or the American Family Association doesn't have your contact information (which is a good thing, in my mind, they wrote the book on spam). Or, you know, you live in a civilized country.

The Book of Daniel is the story of a vicodin-addicted priest whose son died of cancer, his wife is an alcoholic, and his surviving, teenaged children are having premarital sex.

Anyone who knows a priest personally is saying to themselves, "Yeah, so? Sounds like House meets Seventh Heaven. *yawn* Wake me up when Numb3rs is on."

The big thing that's getting everyone's knickers in a twist before the show has even had the chance to air its first episode is that Jesus appears to Rev. Daniel.

Apparently, Jesus isn't saying what some people want him to say. And that gets them cheesed off beyond words.

As for your o'b't Sister here, I'm going to watch it. Mostly because it seems to be the kind of show I like (Dogma is my favorite Kevin Smith movie). Mostly because it's on before Numb3rs. Partially because I just know as the Resident Christian on several boards I frequent, there are going to be people asking questions about the Episcopal Church.

And in a wee, tiny bit, I'm going to watch it to thumb my nose at the AFA. Yes, I'm not a perfect pseudo-nun. Sorry to shock you.

The Blog of Daniel has been put out by the Diocese of Washington as a place to discuss some of the issues of the show. The creator of the show has posted a couple of comments, so we know he reads it.


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