Thursday, December 29, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Things I have learned today:
1) If you click on ‘Preview Post’, Blogger will not give you a way to get back to editing. And if you do not click ‘Save as Draft’ because it is annoying to go in and re-edit from there, well, your post is toast.
2) St. Thomas of Canterbury is celebrated by both Romans and Anglicans. Woot. I always love it when a saint is mentioned at both A Certain Church and the Shrine of the Holy Conservativisim, it gives me hope that we’ll one day be reunited (and it feels so good….)

It feels so good to be able to say “Merry Christmas” again! I was being persnickety due to all this ‘War on Christmas’ baloney, and wishing all the conservative Christians who insisted on a ‘Merry Christmas’ a ‘Happy Advent’, instead. And no more Rite I. Whew. And I can get back to the Rosary and Benediction tonight. Double whew. I hope you and yours had a safe and festive Nativity feast and are enjoying the Octave of Christmas.

Here at the Convent, Bros. Landlord and Housemate (O.V.*), and myself all scattered to the four (three?) winds for the holiday. Which left Archangel, the Convent Cat, all alone. Since I was the first one home this week, he has not left my left leg. Which is a little irksome at times, like when I’m trying to get dressed.

It seems that a lot of bloggers are still enjoying the holidays, so here’s just a few things to tide you over.

+ Bill Hennessy writes graphically about a fight he got in during a tour in the Navy, and links it to the current Saddam allegations thusly:

Whether or not Saddam received a fews blows to the head is debatable. However,
getting whacked,
in my book, doesn’t constitute “torture.” Torture is severe.
Punches are routine.

I don’t know if I just live a quiet life here at the Convent or what, but in my world, punches are nothing even vaguely resembling routine.

+ The Curmudgeon had a snootful of daytime TV and it acts like a slap in the face. I think those of us who are disconnected even a little bit from the ‘mainstream culture’ are always shocked by what the majority of people around us think and believe. My question, as always, is “What are you going to do about it?”

+ Norman from The Cassock and Cotta reminds everyone that there are some pleneary indulgences available for Dec. 31st AND Jan. 1st, under the ‘usual’ conditions.

+ Pimp my Nutcracker. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Prayers go out to all those who are far from home this holiday season, and those whose homes are not safe places.

See you in the New Year!

(s) Sr. Mary Hasta

*O.V. means Order of Vegans. For more information, check out the Order’s FAQ


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