Friday, June 16, 2006

What the ever-loving flying monkeys?

Poor Deacon Tim. By the luck of the blogroll, his blog is where I found out that the Joint Legislative Committie on Consecration of Bishops called Bishop-elect Rev. Canon Barry Beisner back up to give testimony. I.E. they're thinking about not giving the go-ahead to the consecration of my buddy Barry.


He's been divorced twice and married three times.

Please see subject line for my reaction.
Please see here for why I'm reacting that way.
Have these complainants ever MET Barry? Sat with him in a room filled with very angry people and watched him defuse the situation with mere words and presence? Seen him change his mind and throw his whole heart behind it, going to bat with the Bishop for your cause?

I have.

If I could, I'd import him up to Oregon so he could be my bishop. Not that I don't like Bishop Itty, he's a nice guy. But Barry's something special, dude.


At 18 June, 2006, Blogger Deacon Tim said...

Reverend Sister Mary, thanks for the commments about Bishop-elect Beisner. I hope you know that my sarcasm was directed not at him but at the ridiculous abd embarassing spectacle in Columbus.


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