Thursday, June 15, 2006

Jesus walked on water when he should have surfed.

Feast of Corpus Christi
Today's lyric title comes from Ben Harper. I don't remember the song, sorry.

I really want to post a Tacos and Comics Day post, because of the big events in Marvel's Civil War #2, and also to highlight my favorite book right now, Runaways. I want to write a post about the power of names and who Santa Ignora is.

I just can't get the words out. I'm reading the news from ECUSA General Convention the same way I read the news on October 12th, 2000. You probably don't remember that day.

I remember sitting on the couch, watching television, and they cut in with the news that a "US Navy ship had been attacked in the Persian Gulf, more news when we dang well feel like it."

One of the loves of my life was on a US Navy ship in the Persian Gulf at that time. CNN was not giving up the name of the ship, and this was before the Internet had news faster than the televsion. So I sat and jittered for probably an hour and a half, until I discovered it wasn't the ship my loved one was on. It was the USS Cole.

The General Convention news has the same flavor, especially that out there in the blogosphere. I'm only peripheraly connected, as no matter what happens I'm pretty sure my tiny parish will continue to love me, as I love them. But my eyes are constantly glancing towards Ohio, wondering which of my loved ones are going to be injured by the decisions, who is going to come out of this scarred, who is going to survive with the memories weighing heavily on them.

And, just in case you haven't noticed, despite all my working for an understanding of both sides, I do list heavily towards the liberal side. One thing I've noticed, in all the yakkity-yak, is that the liberal side is the one calling for the Holy Spirit to move. Why? Because the conservatives say we've turned our backs on the Holy Spirit. Shucks, I know that's not true, at least in my own life.

But if the Holy Spirit is moving and working through the liberal side of the church, does that mean the Holy Spirit isn't moving and working through the conservative side?
Is the Holy Spirit constrained by linear space-time?
Can we honestly and truly say, "We've got the Spirit, neener neener neener, you can't have any"?

Admitting that the conservatives might just also be following the Holy Spirit makes my liver hurt. And I'm supposed to be standing up as a representative of mediation and listening and cooperation. Well, I guess I'm just an imperfect human being. I know, I know, you're all terribly crushed by this revelation.

So, I've put forth before the theorem that the Church is broken in half.
I now put forth the theorem that the Holy Spirit is still working in and through the two halves.
The next step? Get the two halves TALKING.

And the first person who starts laying blame for who broke the Church has to buy the next round of drinks.

Let me put this in terms that we all will probably understand: Jesus gave us this Church, a fragile and delicate vase. We got to squabbling over it, and it fell down and shattered. Jesus is coming back, and we don't know when, it could be any minute. So, we can either sit around fighting about who broke the Church, or we can run, get some superglue, and start putting the pieces back together.

Where do you want to be when Jesus comes back?


At 16 June, 2006, Blogger Pisco Sours said...

*sigh* I don't know. I do think the conservative side genuinely believes the Spirit is speaking to them. And I'm sure the pro-slavery, anti-civil rights, and anti-women sides all thought so too.

I've testified many times about the grace Christ gave to me, and I've read the words of many other LGBTs who have witnessed how God blessed their lives. I've not seen any similar testimony from the anti-gay side about how the Spirit has blessed homophobia. Doesn't mean it doesn't exist, and maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places, or maybe I'm just not good at discerning the Sprit as a new Christian, but all I've gotten is 1) a spirited game of Scripture Says (literalist edition) and 2) how yucky and evil and disease-ridden LGBTs are.

Sorry, I'm just not seeing the work of the Spirit there.


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