Tuesday, January 24, 2006

If you see two cholos hawking a 14-session Women of the Bible study, let me know.

Well, I had planned to post a long thing about how one goes through the 7 steps of the grieving process when they find themselves elected to the Vestry (especially if, like I did, you forgot that you'd said you could be nominated).

However, last night, the Convent was broken into. My six-month old laptop, Bro. Landlord's laptop and Palm Pilot, and about $400 of Bro. Housemate's cash were stolen. They left everything else alone, including credit cards, checkbooks, and a third of a fifth of Jack Daniels that was sitting next to my laptop.

The windows were all intact and locked, and we can only surmise they got in somehow through the back door, which I made sure was deadbolted Sunday night.

Archangel, being the fearsome guard-cat he is, probably meowed piteously at the invaders because they weren't giving him pettins and gooshyfood.

I don't know when I'll be able to get a new computer in the Convent, as I'm pretty skint. I have access at w*rk right now, but God only knows how much longer this temporary gig will last (and I'm praying not much longer!)


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