Friday, April 07, 2006

Consider this the slip, it brought me to my knees

I really doubt that anyone who stumbles across this blog can't come up with a list of people or intentions to pray for. And with Holy Week coming up for some of us, there are going to be plenty of time for reflection and prayer offered by our churches that we should take advantage of (in theory, I'll be participating in a lot of them, but we'll see how work and the flu season monopolize my time). Anyway, I saw this idea on a bulletin board I frequent, and thought I'd compile my own list. Feel free to help me add to it in the comments section.

The List of Things To Pray For (When You Don't Have Anything to Pray For) In No Particular Order

  • Clergy, religious, and ministers

  • Teachers and educators

  • Christian Unity, peace and healing between factions

  • Those suffering from depression and other mental illnesses

  • Government leaders and officials

  • Children growing up without their basic needs being met

  • Those entering the Church this Easter through confirmation and baptisim, those entering the Church this Easter for their only service until Christmas

  • Those who have been killed in military operations and their grieving families

  • Those who are lonely

  • Peace in our minds, peace in our hearts, peace in our lives, peace in our world


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