Friday, March 03, 2006

It doesn't feel like Lent.

I'm kind of trying an experiment with Lent.

I'm not saying specifically to myself what I'm giving up or taking on.

I explained it to a friend as the 'fluffy bunny' Lent: I'm going to try and find God in more spaces in my life.

I had a ham sandwich for lunch today. I didn't feel guilty about it. I said a prayer over my little ham sandwich as I sat at my desk in my little cubicle in an office building next to a freeway.

I didn't have any blinding light visions of the Face of God, or lightning struck sensations of God's presence.

Egypt is so very close, I can still make it back there if I just turn around now.

But my prayerbook is even closer, and it's all set up and ready for tonight's prayers.

Might as well use it.

A blessing on those who pass through here.


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